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21st July 2024 


"...I just wanted to drop you an email to thank you for everything. Thanks to your counselling i managed to focus more on my work and it was because of you i managed to get ABB which seemed like a pipe dream at the end of AS. So thank you so much for everything you have done.." (GB, aged 17)

"..Thank you so much for your help over the past two years. I know it was a bit difficult at the start but we got there in the end. Thanks to you I am now a better person and Iknow what I have to do to get myself to where I want to be. I know that the fight against myself will be hard but I am determined to win. I will never forget you and the help you have given me." (Ms M)

"Thank you so much for helping me to feel stronger" (Mrs R).

"I never said thank you when I saw you. But I hope you know how grateful I am. You kept me sane and now I am having the time of my life and loving the freedom and responsibility of living alone. It is so liberating and feel so much better" (Miss K)

"Thank you very much for all your help and support you have given me. You have really helped me to sort things out in my relationship and helped me to understand and manage my anxiety" (M)

"Thank you so much for these past few months; you have really helped me. I used to feel like I was going to be stuck like this, feeling miserable but now I feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I feel as though I have far to go but you have helped me to find the road so thank you" . (C)

Testamonials. Thank you