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21st July 2024 

Children and Young People


More than ever, younger people are needing and looking for support. At a key stage of their lives, they are facing huge transitions which, for some, can cause anxiety and depression. Exams, leaving school, transition to college or university, finding a job whilst trying to navigate through friendships and relationships.

And on top of this, repercussions of the pandemic continue to rumble away in the background still. Whilst some people feel optimism about the future, life can continue to be a struggle for many young people. The effects of the isolation, a loss of motivation through lack of learning amongst peers and perhaps a fear of having to socialise again is still being felt by many.


If you sense your child is experiencing difficulties it can be hard to know how to start talking to them about it. Whether a child is experiencing problems at home, such as a parent's divorce, family bereavement or separation anxiety, their anxiety often gets manifested in their behaviour. For example, through anger, becoming withdrawn, upset and through illness (often tummy related).

Whether a child is young enough to engage through play, or old enough to engage in talking therapy talking to someone outside of the family can help them make sense of what they are experiencing.

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